Wooden Foot Roller Massager

Relief tension instantly with this Wooden Foot Roller Massager. The definition of reflexology is a method of massage which applies pressure on your feet helps relieve and ease nervous tension especially on the feet. Over 7200 nerves ends on each foot (same with your hand) that virtually connect to every part of your body. Oriental acupuncture or shiatsu massage is based on stimulating nerves on your foot or hand to help increase blood circulation and stimulate the body’s immune system. It is not only an Oriental practice; Egyptians also practiced a form of reflexology. Now with the Wooden Foot Massage Roller, you can easily stimulate and massage your feet while you are working or studying. Uniquely designed rollers and arch shaped design stimulate pressure points on your feet and allow maximum contact on your feet. You do not have to use it constantly. Just a few minutes a day help you feel better. It is light weight and small that you can keep it in your office or can carry around. It is very sturdy and durable and therefore longlasting. A quality product!