Heart-cut Purple Amethyst & Russian Ice CZ Ring

Love is this Sterling Silver 1.02ct Heart-cut Purple Amethyst & Russian Ice CZ Promise Friendship Ring, Amy size 7.5. here is no better symbol of that pledge than a heart-shaped promise ring. Whether it’s a symbol of your love or your never-ending friendship, the Amy is an elegant and beautiful selection. Featuring a 1.0 carat Radiant Heart-cut Amethyst Ice CZ solitaire mounted in a beautiful yet elegant and petite setting, the Amy offers an unending, visible symbol of your love or friendship. We list all of rings with half sizes as an option so you can indicate to us what your preferred size is (we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible). While we are not always able to obtain every ring in one or more half sizes, we will always check our entire inventory to ensure that you get the absolute best fit possible!