Coastal Scents 13 Piece Brush Set

Looking beautiful isn’t easy. Women need all types of beauty tools to help them maintain their natural looks. One of the most common beauty accessories are facial brushes that allow you to apply blush, eye shadow and foundation. Having an assortment allows you to apply different dimensions of makeup and a Coastal Scents 13 Piece Brush Set allows the ultimate flexibility. The set includes 1. Deluxe Sable Powder Brush 2. Deluxe Sable Blush Brush 3. Sable Shadow Brush 4. Sable Concealer Brush 5. Angle Taklon Liner 6. Badger Blending Fan 7. Sable Crease Brush 8. Oval Taklon Concealer 9. Detail Lip Liner 10. Eyebrow Comb 11. Mascara Spoolie 12. Silk Spongie 13. Leatherine Case Long wooden handled brushes. Those brushes are a blend of natural hair, the only synthetic ones are the Oval Taklon Concealer and the Angle Taklon Liner Brush.