Brushing Your Teeth

How often do you brush your teeth?  Some people are very obsessed and brush them about six times a day.  Is that too much?  Well dentists recommend that we brush our teeth after each meal.  But what if we are out in a restaurant with our family and not home? Then there are plenty of travel tooth brush kits that you can slip into your handbag to take along with you whenever you are away from home.  Getting into a healthy routine of brushing your teeth will keep your teeth and gums thanking you for years.  Flossing is also a good idea to accompany your daily oral hygiene routine.  If you want to keep your teeth until you’re in your 70’s, then flossing is the way to go.  It’s easy, fast and there are so many products on the market to make it effortless.  Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you.