Trudeau Cool Off Hydration Bottle

The Trudeau Cool Off Hydration Bottle is so good that I cannot get enough of them. They leak less water if you tip them over. They leak none if they straw is closed down under the lid. They fit in car cup holders. They look great. They don’t sweat and leave water stains on my furniture. I can put it in my purse or backpack. My ice water stays cold for hours. If I fill it with ice and water at night, it’s still cold in the morning. Honestly, I have not found a better water bottle than this one. When I had my babies, the hospital gave me an insulated water mug with a lid and straw. I loved it but it would spill it tipped over and it was too wide for car cup holders. But it was the best thing I ever found to make it easy to drink lots of water and be healthy. After a couple of years my hospital mug broke. I looked for a long time to find something similar.