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Friction Tie Rack and Scarf Hanger

Organize all of those years of ties and belts with this Friction Tie Rack and Scarf Hanger. Color: Black/Chrome. Unique non slip cover on it that prevents ties and scarves from slipping off Holds up to 24 ties or scarves. Hanger measures: 11 1/2″H x 6 1/2″W. He’ll adore this gift and you’ll appreciate more …

Bow Tie Formal Black

Formal affairs are perfect with this Bow Tie Formal Black. Pre-tied with a band that clips. It has a soft silk feel and satin finished polyester. Adjustable neck size – one size fits all. A great accessory to a suit or tuxedo. Solid black color with a slight luster. It’s awesome.

Raviya Women’s Tie Dye Convertible Tube Top/Skirt

Finding the perfect outfit isn’t always easy which is why I go for the type of fashion that is easily interchangeable and flexible with my schedule. So when I saw this Raviya Women’s Tie Dye Convertible Tube Top/Skirt, I immediately ordered a few for myself, my mom and my sister. You can wear it as …