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Amethyst Stretch Bracelet

Class and style is written all over this 1928 Jewelry “Violet” Silver-Tone Amethyst Stretch Bracelet, 2.6″. It’s perfect for any kind of gift for any kind of birthday, holiday or just because. Make sure you get at least two so you can share with the friend or family member that must have one too.

Red Crystal Stretch Bracelet

Match your red crystal earrings with this Heirloom Finds 3 Row Fiery Red Crystal Stretch Bracelet. With an elegant bracelet, you can add some glamour to any dress! This gorgeous red crystal bracelet adds brilliance to any look. Bracelet is 6 1/2″ around and 1/2″ wide and will stretch to fit most wrists.

Woven Freshwater Pink Pearl Stretch Bracelet

Treat yourself to this Woven Freshwater Cultured 3-Row Multi-Color Pink Pearl Stretch Bracelet, 7.5″. Just slip on the Woven Three-Row Multicolor Pink Stretch Bracelet and you’ll look polished and elegant in an instant. The three rows of natural, freshwater-cultured pearls feature multiple tones ranging from ivory to pink. The pearls are interwoven together and offer …

Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet

Whenever I want to throw on a piece of jewelry that’s simple and I don’t have to worry about losing it or breaking it, I look for my favorite Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet to put on. I love it. The stones are absolutely gorgeous. The colors blend so well together and I wear it with …