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Cuccio Earth Stone Pumice

Keep your feet smooth and soft with this Cuccio Earth Stone Pumice. Eliminate dry, dead skin and calluses on the feet or any other rough areas. This natural stone safely sloughs off dead skin to reveal the smooth, new skin underneath. Perfect for use in the bath or shower.

Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet

Whenever I want to throw on a piece of jewelry that’s simple and I don’t have to worry about losing it or breaking it, I look for my favorite Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet to put on. I love it. The stones are absolutely gorgeous. The colors blend so well together and I wear it with …

Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet

I guess my husband and I have been getting into fights lately so to make up he surprised me with this Purple Stone Stretch Bracelet and I instantly forgave him and we made up for good. It’s silly to fight over the little things but the fact that he actually went online and looked for …