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Wooden Foot Roller Massager

Relief tension instantly with this Wooden Foot Roller Massager. The definition of reflexology is a method of massage which applies pressure on your feet helps relieve and ease nervous tension especially on the feet. Over 7200 nerves ends on each foot (same with your hand) that virtually connect to every part of your body. Oriental …

Homedics Hand Held Mini Massager

Loosen up those tense muscles while beautifying yourself with this Homedics Hand Held Mini Massager. It’s features include: Positively charged energy, comfortable hand grip, mini size means it can go anywhere you go, compact design for ease of use and three fun colors. You’ll went to take this with you everywhere you go.

Prosepra Dolphin Massager

The Prosepra Dolphin Massager soothes your tired muscles with a relaxing percussion massage. Featuring a streamlined handle and ergonomic design, this compact massager provides easy maneuverability while delivering customized massage for multiple muscle layers. This versatile device offers adjustable intensity levels and a unique sector wing that delivers extra pressure when you need a stronger …