Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel

Treat your skin to the finest ingredients that will keep it looking soft, subtle and refreshed with this
Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel.
Sensation Dead Sea Facial Peel New & Unopened. Size: 1.01 oz/each Vital anti-aging Dead Sea Minerals are infused with life giving anti-oxidant ingredients including, Echinacea, Ginseng, Rosemary, and Green Tea Extract. With a simple gentle swirling motion of the fingers, whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin are effortlessly removed. At the same time, the legendary properties of the Dead Sea minerals work uniquely to retain and attract moisture, maintaining the delicate PH balance of your face. Sensation Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel combines the robust citrus aroma of grapefruit with the delicate scent of rosemary.