Rival FD350S Stainless Steel Electric Fondue

Create delicious treats with this Rival FD350S Stainless Steel Electric Fondue. Candle-heated fondues are quaint, but they can also be hard to get hot and messy to clean. This stainless-steel electric fondue from Rival is a fine-tunable, worry-free alternative, with an attractive shape and a 3-quart capacity to boot. Whether you’re heating up a blend of Brie and Roquefort or melting down a box of chocolate truffles, it’s easy to adjust the heat from warm to 400 degrees F using the detachable temperature dial. Stable and easy to transport, the pot has eight fork notches and comes with eight fondue forks, each tipped in a different color to avoid confusion. The 18/10 stainless steel is strong as well as beautiful, with a gleaming mirror finish. Remove the power cord and temperature gauge and you can immerse the whole pot for cleaning. For extra safety, Rival includes a magnetic breakaway plug that disconnects if the power cord is accidentally pulled or tugged. The set comes with a range of recipes, too, from tasty appetizers to delicious desserts. –Emily Bedard