POLARLENS PG4 goggles are head turners! They offer an extra long, adjustible strap which makes them suitable for helmet use. The double lens technology and ventilation system of the Reflective Orange Flash Mirror Lenses offer a SUPER ANTI-FOG coating. Sun, snow and wind protection for your eyes are at their best. The frame is a stylish glossy black *** sun filters: CAT 3 *** UV200, 100% UV protection ***Distortion-free vision *** Delivered in a micro-fiber cloth pouch for cleaning and stowing. Polarlens strives to provide sports enthusiasts with affordable, high quality and innovative products. Polarlens together with Campbell International, the exclusive Polarlens US distributor, prides itself in bringing quality products to our customers here in the US. We work hard so that our customers are getting the best quality for the price.