Dynatrap DT1000 Electronic Insect Eliminator – Half Acre Coverage

Get rid of pesty insects with this Dynatrap DT1000 Electronic Insect Eliminator – Half Acre Coverage. Dynatrap eliminates mosquitoes and flying insects without harmful chemicals or propane. Just hang it up for a comfortable living environment indoors or outdoors. The patented 3-way technology operates with two UV fluorescent light bulbs. The light attracts and creates warmth to work with the funnel coated with Titanium Dioxide -TiO2 to produce carbon dioxide CO2 without the use of propane. The 3-way protection plan lures mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other flying insects that carry disease into the Dynatrap. The whisper quiet, yet powerful fan pulls the flying insects into the retaining cage where they will naturally perish without a blood or water source. It can be used indoors or outdoors and covers up to 1/2-acre. It includes a hook for hanging and brush for cleaning and has a 10-foot cord.