Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk, Harvest Cherry

This Bush Furniture Vantage Corner Desk, Harvest Cherry is awesome. This attractive corner desk from Bush Furniture’s Vantage collection affords ample surface and storage space for a home office. Crafted from medium density fiberboard and paper, a rich harvest cherry finish adorns the desk for an elegant veneer. The left side of the desk features an elevated shelf, great for a desk lamp or printer, a small storage shelf, and a CPU storage compartment. For adjusting computer wires and cables, the desk supplies rear access to the CPU compartment. A frosted glass window covers the front of the compartment for CPU concealment. Next to the elevated desk section, the desk contains a file drawer for letter-sized file folders, a second small storage drawer, and two open storage compartments. The shelf separating the open compartments can be adjusted for varied height, or removed for one larger storage space. For ideal monitor placement, the main desktop lies at a diagonal angle so that the user faces the corner of both the room and the desk. A sliding keyboard and mouse tray is mounted underneath the desktop. In the center and right corners of the corner desk, two L-shaped legs extend and lay flush on the floor to support the desktop’s weight. All drawers and the CPU compartment door open with a tug on the chrome loop-style handles. The corner desk requires home assembly and comes with necessary hardware and instructions. In the event of defects, a one-year limited warranty covers this item. The corner desk measures 58-1/2 inches wide by 38-2/5 inches deep by 35-2/5 inches high assembled. Upon shipping, the desk weighs 138 pounds.